Pram Liners

Bugaboo Buffalo,
Bugaboo Cameleon,
City Mini Gt
and Universal fit Pram liners. Made with quality cotton material, extra thick stuffing for added comfort.
The Universal pattern fits all prams.

All pram liners come with matching shoulder harness covers for extra comfort for your little one.

** My liners can be made in any fabric you choose.

****Also note that prices may vary, depending on fabric availability e.g. some fabrics may need to be ordered at short notice and from different suppliers which in turn raises my costs. I try to keep all of my prices stable but different fabrics and trimmings etc will determine the final price.

*********NEW!!!! I have decided to cease making my regular pram liners and just concentrate on making the deluxe liners. The deluxe liners have double stuffing, making them even MORE comfy for your bub. I have also started importing fabrics from the USA which are slightly more expensive than my normal fabrics, but they are also more exclusive 🙂 If you want a liner, bib, play mat etc that no one else has, these fabrics are for you 🙂 🙂

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